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First, let me say right off the bat that I was not interested in learning to dye yarn with Kool-Aid (or anything else, for that matter) prior to this workshop. However, since it was held at my home, I thought I better get involved.

I found great instructions on the internet, washed some undyed wool and had it soaking when the group arrived. Our usual attendance at meetings is 10 to 12 people; just five could make it to my place, which is about an hours' drive from Blacksburg, VA. Two husbands joined us, as well as my Spousal Equivalent, Mike.

Anyway ... after a buffet lunch on the patio, the guys took a walk while we women got busy. Diana Walters had taken a dyeing class and brought several examples of her work which had been done with natural materials and plants.

Dyeing with Kool-Aid isn't hard and isn't nearly as messy as I'd expected it to be. Even Leanne managed to show up at the yarn shop the following day with clean hands! And I definitely intend to try it again.

Lynda Hohenboken,
stirring yarn and dye in the crockpot.

Becky Bower looks on as Leanne Mitchell
checks the microwave.

We tried both the crockpot and the microwave methods, with equally good results. Strawberry Kool-Aid gave us a lovely coral-pink color, and equal parts of Lemon-Lime and Grape produced a dusty rose which was just lovely!

Leanne Mitchell and Bill Hohenboken
untangling some of Diana's
natural-dyed yarn.

Tony Walters and Mike McNeer,
working out the kinks.

Becky Bower, Shelley Boardman and Leanne Mitchell, tangled up in yarn!

Many thanks to Becky, Shelley, Lynda, Leanne and especially to Diana,
for teaching this old dog
a couple new tricks!

Caught you red-handed, Leanne!

We also wanted to record our knitted efforts for Lebone House:

Back row, left to right: Diana Walters (who will be delivering the items to South Africa next year), Becky Bower, Lynda Hohenboken.
Front row: Shelley Boardman and Leanne Mitchell.